About Ink Therapy Clothing

The People Behind Ink Therapy Clothing


Al Farber - Ink Therapy Clothing - Acid Works TattooAl Farber

Ink Therapy is a new clothing line based off the tattoo industry and how people of all walks of life need some outlet for emotional therapy. One of the founders of Ink Therapy Al Farber has been tattooing for 29 years and while tattooing he has came across all kinds of customers and has noticed no mater who you are a tattoo brings something new to your life.  Sometimes its a stress reliever sometimes its a confidence booster sometimes its to remember someone or some event that happened in ones life.  Either way getting a tattoo helps people so we've decided to market a clothing line to express you are a tattoo collector and know the feeling of needing a new one ( I need some ink therapy.)


Greg Oaks - Ink Therapy Clothing

Greg Oaks

From Grand Blanc, MI., another founder of Ink Therapy, uses tattooing as an emotional outlet. Suffering from a mental illness himself (PTSD), Greg uses tattooing as his therapy, Ink Therapy. Some inspiration behind the name of this clothing line has been inspired by Greg’s personal experiences with PTSD. Throughout his life he has tried many forms of therapy, which have failed to help. Over the past four years he has discovered his own therapy through tattooing.  

This is when Greg met Al Farber, owner of Acid Work Tattoos in Flint, MI. Greg and Al spent many hours with one another. They formed a bond. Just like a client and their barber.  After so many sessions you build trust. Sitting in a tattoo chair for hours on end, allows customers to open up to their artist. Like a patient would open up to their doctor. But not all therapists are doctors. 

After many years of Greg and Al’s therapy sessions, they started to collaborate and come up with the clothing line, Ink Therapy. For those who get tattoos, sitting in a tattoo chair, talking with your artist, or just sitting back and enjoying the tattooing allows Greg, and many others, to receive the therapy they need. 

“You need therapy, Ink Therapy”


Neil Schattilly - Ink Therapy Clothing

Neil Schattilly

Neil’s journey into ink therapy started when he was 18. His first tattoo was a bad one and had gotten it at a flee market. Years later Neil’s daughter was born and a friend of his drew one of his tattoos. Fast forward 17 years and after some life changing events one of his life long friends Greg Oaks introduced him to Al Farber his current artist. Neil would observe Greg getting his ink therapy and hang out while building a friendship with Al. It wasn’t long before Neil was in the hot seat spewing personal problems and struggles to Al. He knew this was far healthier alternative than telling his local bartender and drinking his money away with nothing to show for it. It then became clear that getting tattooed was and is therapeutic both physically and mentally. Some tattoos are meaningful some are for fun . The idea for ink therapy being printed on clothes started in a tattoo shop. He is honored to be apart and founding member of Ink Therapy. These three guys all have a story to tell.


Alyssa Martinez - Ink Therapy ClothingAlyssa Martinez